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8+ Custom Control Surface

8+ Custom Control Surface

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8+ is a new control surface for SoundDevices 8-Series recorders and Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), designed to provide control over the first 8 channels: PFL-SOLO and Gain on the encoders, Volume on the faders.

Reliability On the Go:

8+ features faders equipped with anti-dust curtains, ensuring enhanced reliability in any environment.

Tactile Perfection:

Crafted with rubber knobs and fader caps, 8+ ensures a smooth and satisfying tactile experience.

Silent Precision:

8+ employs  "silent encoders": no audible clicks during pressing or rotation, ensuring a discreet and distraction-free environment for your creative process.

Illuminate Your Creativity:

8+ comes with controllable internal light. Achieve precision and visibility, whether you're working in a poorly lit filmset or during a night shoot.

Built to Last:

Constructed with Multi Jet Fusion nylon, 8+ combines a lightweight design with robust mechanical reliability. It can withstand the demands of both filmset and travel.

Powerfully Efficient:

8+ is powered via USB from the recorder. The USB-C cable is included.

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